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The Supermodel


D. Hall Celebrity Supermodel & Actor, has been seen in magazines across the country. This up and coming Supermodel has been posing in front of the cameras for 15 plus years now. Known for many years as being a Celebrity Model and aspiring Actor. His acting career started in 2008 with a small part in The Dark Knight that lead him to costar in other independent movies. Best known for his modeling being seen in ads such as: Versace.com, Tanqueray.com, Gucci.com, Zanetti.com, Rocawear.com, Ascotchang.com, Valentino.com, Jacobcohen.it, From the success of his career throughout the years you can also see him walking the Red Carpets attending the Emmys.com, Grammy.com, MTV Movie/TV Awards, and MTV Video Award, MTV.com. Make sure you go click on his Red Carpet Awards Show pages of this site and see his Red-Carpet pictures at all of the Award Shows. 

He got his start in modeling 15 plus years ago after being pursued by several agencies. He decided to put his career in his agent hands and let him run with it. He started out doing promotional advertising with Pepsi, Surge, Coke, International Male.com, Nike, Reebok, K-Swiss, Hugo Boss, Enrico, Sebastiano, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gatorade, All–Sport, 24 Hour Fitness, Marc Jacobs, Acqua di Gio, Dolce & Gabbana and Davidoff.  Then moved his way up the ladder to bigger and better opportunities posing in front of the cameras  for Tommy Hilfiger, Dion Scott, Reebok, Nike, International Male, All-Sports, Enyce, Schott, PellePelle, NBA UNK, Davoucci, Vokal, Varsity, Pepe, Gucci, Salvatore

Ferragamo, Patek Philippe, Roca Wear, Zanetti, Roses, Joseph & Fleiss, Baracuta, Dion Scott, Blair, Chilbert   & Company, Prevail Sports, Hot Bodz, Paco Jeans. 

Look for D. Hall to continue his long run in the business making things happen. Follow him on social media and see his journeys around the world. 

Interested in booking D. Hall send email to Bill Johnson, Agent/Manager agentbilljohnson@yahoo.com

Advertising with gucci.com - D. Hall Celebrity Supermodel & Actor

The Man

D. Hall is also a very successful business man. He is the President & CEO of his own financial services company for the past 15 plus years, Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise.  

He loves spending his free time sleeping, working out, at the movies, out to dinner, just staying at home and traveling for work and leisure. Now since living in Florida he loves his time back home up north with his family. D. Hall loves both of his career's they keep his life very busy and blessed. He is a great business man who is always on his toes and involved with every aspect within his company helping it to continue to grow and build to create more opportunities for others. 

Going to the gym every week helps to maintain his great physique. He stays active and keeps himself very healthy. He manages to get all this done while travelling back and forth all across the country and all parts of the world for modeling and acting opportunities.  

A man that will help people and go out of his way if he feels someone really needs the help. He loves to put smiles on people’s faces and brighten there day. He appreciates the Military, Police, Sheriffs all first responders and when he sees those individuals he is the first to tell them that he appreciates there services and shakes their hands. 

D. Hall’s favorite football team Dallas Cowboys, favorite basketball team L.A. Lakers, 2nd place basketball team the city he lives in Orlando Magic. 

Advertisement with Tanqueray.com - D. Hall Celebrity Supermodel & Actor

A Word From D.

God bless everyone fans, friends, and family for just being interested in seeing and knowing what I’m doing in my life and taking the time to come and visit my website.  This site has been up for 15 years plus and every year my website visitors get higher and higher. I’m thankful for all the interest. God has blessed me and I'm so grateful. I take care of myself and always put myself in situations that will better me. Without God this all would not have been possible. On February 12, 2006 My Mother passed away at the young age of 54 from cancer. I want to thank my Mom for all that she did for me while she was on this earth. She was my best friend. I still miss you and think of you. I love you “Maw”.  My Mother passed away the day after my birthday. She held on for one more day for me so I would not have the memory of her dying on my special day. Thank You Maw

If you would like you can email me from my contact page of this site. I do read every one of my emails myself and personally answer them all. I do try to respond right away but there are many so it may take me awhile. My family is my WORLD and I love them to death. I have always been a positive person. My motto is. “Can’t nobody hold me down”. You go through your bad times in life and you deal with them by staying positive and working through them. If you have a vision you do the positive things to get to it and work towards it.  It can happen. I’m living the dream. I appreciate you all and God is good!

Shout outs from D. Hall

God, Tatianna H, Derrick H, Ariah H, Giali R, G'mya R, My Loving Mother Sheilah H as she watches over me from the heavens above, Nichelle H, my agent Bill Johnson, The Hall Family, Jannette S, Pete W, Sherry H, Amanda C, Vern B, Sarah B, Adam F, Rohan W, Alex, Hani, Greg, Tom B, My Jeweler “Mia” she keeps me blinging, Earl T, Marylu M, Curtis C, Taharka A, Attorney Bob D,  Laura C, Laura R, Lane P, Barbara L, Will, Hamza T, Dante S, Kelly B, Angela B, Carlos @ C & J Auto, Renee F, Amanda C, Vashar, Sabri, Julie S, Deborah W, Sherri H, Dale P, Tim B, George @ Extreme, Brian T, Kevin D, Alvin A, Aaron G, Jack L, Stefano, Wellington, Hakan, Max, Terri (Doc), Eddie, Hamza, Edith M, Jack M, Sam M, Ben M, Landen S, all the photographers I worked with over the years, all the Limo Companies that take care of me. Warner Brothers Production, Untouchable Productions, Directors, Producers, Cast and Crews I've worked with and anyone I might have missed.

Orlando Magic Puts "D." on the arena Jumbo Tron

Check out this great video of "D." court side. Orlando Magic Acknowledged him for being in the building 2019 -2020 season. 

Shout out to Orlando Magic - "D." on the arena Jumbo Tron

Check out this great video of "D." court side. Orlando Magic Acknowledged him for being in the building 2018 -2019 season.

Shout Out to G League Lakeland Magic - "D." on the Jumbo Cam

Check out this great video of "D." Court Side. Lakeland Magic Playoff Game. Acknowledged him for being in the building 2018 -  2019 season. 

Kiki Challange

Check out this video D. Hall in the "Kiki Challange" #kiki, #kikichallange Sporting the #bigballerbrand shirt.

Indie Film

Throw Back Demo Reel

Good deeds never hurt. God is good!

God Bless this lady, her child, and her family. "D." was leaving Target and was approached by "Francesca" carrying her baby. She asked Him for money and said she needed money to buy her baby and her family some food.  "D." does not carry cash but he seen the need in her eyes and he had a real feeling that she needed help. So he took her back in the store and took her shopping. The video shows the whole journey. God is Good all the time. 

Good deeds - Giving out little blessings

While in downtown Orlando, FL this gentleman comes up to "D." and says he does not mean to bother but he could use a big favor. He tells "D." that his son needs pampers and wipes that he would be grateful. He said he doesn't want any money just the things for his son.  The video is the small journey.

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For Bookings Contact: Bill Johnson Agent/Manager: agentbilljohnson@yahoo.com

To contact D. Hall you may send a message directly from this Contact Us page.

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